Following My Passion to New York

By Hope Garcia ’18

The New York Semester Program, in a few words, is a glimpse into post-grad life or, “the real world,” as us college students call it. The seven of us rode the subway, ate too much pizza, and visited The Met and Central Park. We did normal things anyone living in New York would do, all while balancing full-time internships, a rigorous Holy Cross seminar, and our final capstone projects. It was the busiest semester of my life, but it was also the most fulfilling.

I interned at a small music publicity company in Brooklyn, and found myself in awe of the work I got to do daily. I quickly began to realize, as I sent email pitches, researched new artists, and attended shows, that not only did I enjoy waking up and going to work everyday, I loved it. My love for the work combined with my co-workers’ own passion and dedication to and for the artists we worked for solidified the decision in me. I had found my passion.

It may not have been the straightest or quickest path to the answer, but my semester in New York taught me that no matter your major or your own doubts, there is a way to the finding that thing that makes you excited to get out of bed everyday. After returning to Brooklyn to work at the same publicity company this past summer, I am now in my senior year and have taken on the role of Station Manager at WCHC. The New York Semester Program gave me the skills I will need to succeed in the music business after graduation, but it also gave me hope and motivation to take on my future as a Holy Cross alumna.

To learn more about the New York Semester Program, please visit the program webpage. The next information session for the New York Semester will be held 1/29/2018 at 4PM in Hogan 320.