Two Students Share Their AIP Experiences

Learn more about the Academic Internship Program through two students’ experiences in the program! John Dube ’19 and Luca Szczepanik ’19 are both currently in AIP and shared their stories below. Make sure to finish your application by today if interested!

John Dube ’19

This semester, I have been interning for Wickstrom Morse, LLP, a local law firm which specializes in several legal areas including personal injury law and real estate transactions. Specifically, I have been interning for Attorney Timothy Wickstrom, a partner at the firm who focuses on complex litigation cases and is a Holy Cross alumnus. Attorney Wickstrom has given me opportunities beyond what I could have asked for as an undergraduate. He has allowed me to shadow him in meetings pertaining to his current cases, I have assisted in the discovery process for some of his ongoing cases, and he has given me the chance to draft memos and other documents needed in the discovery process for several of his cases. This first-hand experience has given me the chance to see what it is like to be an attorney, and it has solidified my desire to go to law school. I have developed a passion for the work that Attorney Wickstrom has given me, and I can see myself enjoying this work in a lifelong career after I graduate from Holy Cross.

A notable aspect of my internship is working with an alumnus of the College. Holy Cross prides itself in the vast network of alumni connections that are offered to students. I have been able to experience the value of having these alumni connections by working with Attorney Wickstrom. Attorney Wickstrom gives me projects which he knows will advance my knowledge in the skills needed to become a successful attorney. He takes the time to speak with me about the projects I work on, and we have often engaged in intellectual discussions regarding the role of law in society. Attorney Wickstom’s personal investment in my development as an aspiring attorney is a unique benefit I have received from working with a Holy Cross alumnus. It is also interesting to compare my Holy Cross experience with Attorney Wickstrom’s past experience as a student at the College. This provides us both with insights on how the College has changed and how that change has helped us grow into the people we are today.

For anyone thinking about doing the Academic Internship Program, I highly recommend it! It has been a perfect way for me to develop the skills I have learned in the classroom by applying them in a professional setting. I have found this internship to be so enjoyable and invaluable to my intellectual and academic development, that I have chosen to extend it into the spring semester. Participating in AIP has further enhanced my Holy Cross experience and has given me the confidence to enter the professional world after graduation.

Luca Szczepanik ’19

Looking back on the past three years of my time at Holy Cross, I am confident to say that the memories I have made during my internship were unforgettable. Before applying to the Academic Internship Program, I thought to myself what I wanted to gain in return for applying to this program. As a junior, I wanted to find a course which I could apply my academics to something meaningful in my life and be able to make memories that would stay with me after I graduate from Holy Cross. Just over two months into my time in the program, I have made many helpful connections with mentors that have been in my position during their undergraduate years, been able to apply my seminar discussions into my internship experiences, practiced working in my field of interest and helped to create positive environment for those who seek help from my internship mentor.

I personally have enjoyed all my classes here at Holy Cross, but I believe that the Academic Internship Program was a course where I could apply my Holy Cross education to a career path I’m interested in and be able to make a meaningful difference. For some students who are approaching their senior year, it may be stressful to figure out plans for post-graduation, but by being a part of the Academic Internship Program, students would gain more guidance and connections into career paths which they might want to apply for. Those students who are new at Holy Cross can take advantage of what the program offers by applying their Holy Cross education into their internship and make a meaningful difference. To the students who are looking to make an impact during their Holy Cross career, I would highly advise to take the time to apply to the Academic Internship Program because the memories and opportunities offered by this program can’t be wasted.