Fall Opportunities at the J.D. Power Center: AIP and NY Semester News

Dear Students,

As you read in Provost Freije’s email, the J.D. Power Center is offering distinctive opportunities for experiential learning this fall. Whether you plan to return to Holy Cross or to remain at home, we are confident that we can provide experiential learning opportunities for you wherever you are. Here’s what’s new, and what’s coming.
AIP is Growing
Fall 2020 might be the best time yet to enroll in the Academic Internship Program because you can intern anywhere in the world. This means you can find a site that works for you–or continue work that you’ve already been doing in your community. We’ve been working all summer with the Center for Career Development to gather contacts with sites offering remote internships, so we’re confident we can help you find an internship that works for you. And if you can’t, you can complete a capstone project instead. 
Also: for this semester only, we’re inviting sophomores to apply to AIP! 
Available seminars include:
  • Social Justice and the Law (Explore the legal aspects of important social justice issues, such as immigration policy, policing, and sexual assault. Great for students interested in the law, students interested in social justice issues, students engaged in activist work in the community, students interested in public policy.)
  • Health Care Management (This course digs into some of the macro issues around the US health infrastructure. Great for students interested in the health professions, management, public health, economics, or the politics of health care.)
  • Professional Ethics (This course examines practical ethical questions that arise in a number of work settings. Great for pre-business students, philosophy students, religious studies students.)
  • Presidential Campaigns (Driven by the events of the presidential campaign, this course gives students insight into the strategies and tactics of national campaigns. Great for political science students, students engaged in activist work in the community, students interested in media and communications, political junkies of all stripes). 
  • Non-profits and Government Agencies (Learn about how non-profit organizations provide essential services to the community, and how government agencies translate public demands into public goods. Great for pre-business students, students who love CBL, students engaged in activist work, students interested in management, political science majors, sociology majors, economics majors)
  • We’re also offering a brand-new course: Sports Marketing and SponsorshipsThis course will give students an opportunity to learn about the power of marketing and sponsorship in the multi-billion-dollar sports industry. Fascinated by the Washington football team’s decision to change their name (and the corporate pressure that pushed the decision)? This course is for you. It is also great for athletes looking to leverage their athletic career into an internship, students interested in sports generally, students interested in marketing, and pre-business students.
You can find the simple application here.  Applications are due July 22. (NOTE: students who are already enrolled in an AIP course need not re-apply.)
New York–Make it There Your Way
The New York Semester is going fully remote to become the J.D. Power Leadership Institute. Get a full semester’s worth of credit while completing a 32 hour/week internship; an online seminar on Leadership, Human Agency, and Organizational Structure; and a capstone project of your own design, mentored by an expert in your field of interest. And you can participate from anywhere in the world! We’ll help you land the remote internship that you want, and allow you to explore the issues you care about in the capstone. Or, if you’re already interning this summer, or engaged in volunteer work in your own community, you can continue that work for credit during the semester.
You can find the simple application here. Applications are due July 22. (NOTE: students who are already enrolled in the New York Semester need not re-apply.)
It is going to be an unusual semester, but it doesn’t have to be a semester without opportunity. Embrace the moment, and learn from experience!
Daniel Klinghard
Director, J. D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World